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Welcome to A Few Acres Farm

Welcome to A Few Acres Farm


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Chickens, Ducks and Goats, OH MY!


Back in 2012 Rich and Cindi LeMay, while searching for a retirement property, found a farm.  We bought a farm! Our background had no farming or animals other than the garden variety of household pets including our 4 fur babies that are great farmhands.  

With a lot of research on line, joining a number of farm related Facebook pages and reading many books about raising Chickens & Ducks, we finally added the "livestock" element shortly after moving into the farm permanently in 2016. And we grow from there.....

The Farm's first incubation and hatch.

On to incubation and hatching

Once you raise chicks through to the laying stage, the chicken math kicks in and the natural next step is incubation and hatching your very own eggs.  This is our very first chick we incubated through hatching and beyond and the numbers in the flock, and coops grow....


and then......there's goats!!

The most amazing little tasmanian she devils on hooves,  They are incredible and I don't know how we went without them all these years.  Three little girls joined us in August and it was love at first sight.  We built them a playground that most children would be envious of,  This spring/summer will see another 4 babies joining the herd, including a little man to assist with our herd growth plans, 


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A Few Acres Farm

30 Academy Road, Monmouth, ME 04259, US

(860) 918-5265

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hoof trimming


A Few Acres Farm highly  recommends Tina & Sam, The Traveling Trimmers. They travel to you at your farm all through Maine and beyond. They practice biosecurity and bring everything they need.  You supply the goats, sheep and/or alpacas.  Tina and Sam are amazing and extremely calming during the trim. 

                                                          Our farm gives them 

                                  5 stars from us humans and 5 hearts from the girls.

       Find and Like them on Facebook @ The Traveling Trimmers. or at 207-440-3535